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June 30, 2020

Backpack Giveaway – Oklahoma City

By Dr. Gloria Anderson, Principal F.D. Moon Middle School Academy – Okla. City

By Dr. Gloria Anderson, Principal
F.D. Moon Middle School Academy – Okla. City

Exciting! Grateful! Friendly! Unbelievable! Thankful!

These are just a few words that staff members, community members and community families used to express their thoughts about the school supply event that happened at the start of the 2019/2020 school year sponsored by the Hour Generation Foundation. It was total excitement when our school was chosen to receive backpacks and school supplies for our students!

The parents, students, and staff were so grateful to receive this support from the community, so many smiles and words of gratitude were uttered by all that attended.
All volunteers, board members and organizers of this event were so very friendly, kind and compassionate. They were extremely committed to helping, connecting with, and supporting the students. The sponsors and staff were up close and personal with the students, staff, and families – the students remembered and relished those interactions.

The community response can only be described as unbelievable! Fraternities, Community Friends, Local Churches, and many Friends came together with the Hour Generation Foundation came to make this an outstanding and memorable event to support the students, staff, and families of F.D. Moon.
Words cannot express how thankful the students and families were to receive the backpacks, supplies, refreshments and kindness shown from the Hour Generation Foundation Board members and staff members we sincerely appreciated everything!

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