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June 19, 2020

Book report: I’m a pretty little black girl


Last month we sent out a letter to some of our families. In the past few weeks with school closures, social distancing and stay at home measures we recognize that families have been through so many changes during this pandemic. The foundation wants to assist valuable members of our community and help provide support to your family.

We are laser-focused on our mission; to inspire and empower youth and their families to explore their talents by providing information, advocacy and service allowing them to maximize their potential and realize their special gifts.  We will be connecting with you to help with groceries for your family along with the payment of a utility bill.  Our focus is to help provide nutritious and healthy meal options and support the needs in the home.  All groceries will be delivered or dropped off to maintain social distancing measures.

We realize that the children are learning at home and you are working alongside teachers to continue to educate your kids. We will support efforts by providing educational tools and materials along with books for each child that will help them to continue to develop and learn throughout the summer. Please provide the age and grade of each child along with their greatest learning needs.  We would like each child to read a book per month and provide a one-page book report.

We are proud to share some of the wonderful book reviews we are getting with our readers! So here is a report about a book called “I’m a pretty little black girl” written by Betty K. Bynum.

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