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January 15, 2024

MLK Day Paint Party

How could we ever forget the man who fearlessly championed civil rights, inspired millions with his powerful words, and dedicated his life to the pursuit of equality and justice for all? Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we honor his legacy and reflect on the enduring impact of his efforts in advancing the cause of civil rights and creating a more equitable society.

This year, we focused on mental health.

Hour Generation Foundation held an MLK Paint Party targeted to all ages. We celebrated history, mindfulness, and culture through a parenting session, a guest speaker, food, music, prizes, and painting!

Jerami has loved art since he was a child, enjoying activities like fashion, painting, sewing, and drawing. So, what better way to promote relaxation and patience than by incorporating his artistic passions into our event?

There were three pre-drawn canvases provided by Jordan Shack, CEO of the Blank Canvus. HGF was moved by his creativity, passion for the project and his allowance of letting kids draw outside the lines.

Participants were tasked with bringing light to the boards through strokes of paint, transforming the once-empty canvases into vibrant expressions of individuality and collective imagination.

As a result, over 120 people attended our paint party, and one of our families left with a Virtual Reality set after participating in our MLK trivia game!

We’re excited to continue upholding MLK’s everlasting legacy through events like these every year! Make sure to join us next year!!

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