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March 11, 2024

Empowering Young Minds through Hour Story Time: Portland

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." - Joseph Addison

Hour Story Time stemmed from Jerami’s profound passion for reading. This initiative aims to empower young minds to express themselves creatively and articulate the impact reading can have on their lives. 

Students were encouraged to participate in our "Write the Power" essay contest, where they were presented with prompts to explore their thoughts, ideas, and emotions sparked by the stories they read. This year's literary selections included "J.D. and the Great Barber Battle" by J. Dilliard for third graders and "Jayla Jumps in" by Joy Jones for fourth and fifth graders.

In addition to our essay challenge, students had the opportunity to create a drawing that conveyed their interpretation of their dreams. The HGF board selected one design to be placed on this year’s Hour Story Time Portland shirt, provided by Adidas.

Students were allotted about three weeks to complete their reading and artistic endeavors. 

As a result, we received a remarkable total of 137 submissions, reflecting the enthusiasm and talent of our young participants.

Congratulations to the Hour Story Time Portland winners:

T-shirt Contest Winner:

Imani Giardina

“Write the Power” awardees:

3rd Grade:

  1. Alice Reed
  2. Harlan Rohl
  3. Hassif Obando Gonzalez

4th Grade:

  1. Siti Nur Suhana
  2.  Alice Nydahl
  3.  Josie Courts

5th Grade :

  1. Mia Hudson
  2. Tawnee Virakitti
  3. Vivianne Ortiz-Cornejo

HGF looks forward to continuing to nurture a love for literature and imagination through Hour Story Time in the years to come.

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